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My easel stands before me,
crossing its arms across its chest
bearing a smile...
I stand still 
My hands in the pockets and face, 
blank and white, 
as ever 
The brushes in the holder, 
Struggle to come out 
rebelling against the palette 
The colours, 
Scarlet and aqua-blue 
mix with shadowy grey 
and create a chaos in there 
They sob... 
but I stand still 
Life and its beauty 
chide me 
The unquenched canvas is desirous 
It beseeches me to paint, 
Nature whispers: “Dare thou?” 
The invisible chains 
Restrain me 
I hold the brush, 
and paint the sky, 
It blazes like a blue orb, 
my hands burn 
at the reality of this creation, 
while nature laughs… 

Written By: Zunaira Afzal

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