Why Poetry?

Poetry Poems1

Once, Plato was against poetry and Seamus Heaney came to protect it. Aristotle wrote a million pages on poetics, Shakespeare wrote drama in verses, the blind Milton wrote his heart in the form of  poetry, Wordsworth was called the Poet of Nature in it, Sylvia Plath wrote her desperation in verses, Frost with his frosted and frozen emotions melted a billion hearts. I used to think that why they all choose poetry to express their feelings. When I started writing, I did it in my local language, and it was quite soothing to write my feelings in the form of a poem. Then English phase started and I loved reading the pros and cons of poetry.

I like to write Narrative Poems and people love it. I don’t write that much but make sure after writing that I did it well.

You can check out all of my recent poetry here:


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