Misted Memories 2012

If you haven’t read Misted Memories 2011 yet, go for it first.

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I turned off my laptop right after a complex assignment and leaned back at the rocking chair beside my bed and while placing my head at its back, I closed my eyes to relieve the tensed nerves of my brain. I wanted to sleep but my heart denied to obey my mind. Gazing at the light screen for more than five hours can mess up your eyes and head, I rubbed my eyes and then closed them again. In the busy routines of our lives, we forget many small things as I forget that a whole year has passed just as an eye blinks. “But no, it was not a blink at all”, I thought, stood up and walked to the huge window of my room. The chair behind me kept rocking just as the memories of a person, who is far-off, kept rocking in your mind. I turned back the sash of the window and opened it a little. Night was dark and wisps of white fog made it obscure as well. Fog looks beautiful to me, always, no matter it’s in day’s light or in night’s mystery, it hides a lot of crucial things and reveals many new ones. It enchants me as it made the earth look like a white palace of beauty (you must be thinking that I am insane). I took a deep breath and at that brilliant moment a brilliant idea came to my brilliant mind.
I put on my over-coat and shoes, gloved my hands, covered my head with purple tuque and stood before the mirror to have a last look at me. The tuque in the curls of my hair was looking great, I smiled and hurriedly out of my room to the kitchen to make some coffee for me. I felt that I left something behind me but couldn’t get what it was. I looked at my watch while beating the coffee. It was 11.50 pm. ” Ten Minutes left”, I thought excitingly while pouring the coffee inside the mug. It was ready and so was I.
I stepped up the stairs, ” the days also stepped like this”, I thought and slow down intentionally. At that moment I wished that I could stop the time or I could go back and feel the same pleasure again that I felt while seeing the fog from the window or that of looking myself into the mirror in the same tuque. At that moment I recognized that what I’ve left behind.
I was at the door of the terrace to open it. “Am I to open the door to a new begining?” I breathed a deep breath and opened the door. A gust of wind pushed back my hair and welcomed me in the year of 2013. The steam coming out of the mug was welcomed by the wisps of the fog outside. “Is this called romance”, I asked myself and then nodded smilingly. The sky was cloudy and the half orange moon, peeping through those flakes, was saying farewell to the year 2012 and was welcoming 2013….To Be Continued 


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