Eternal Sleep

Published in: Revolution Flame



Leaning backward,
At the throned bed of ‘Death’
He bleeds in opaque transparency
The spell of paranormals cast
Beyond the forests of reality

Silver mist in the frozen eye,
smudge the trembling senses
and the borders of existing light,
began to merge in wisps of darkness

He strives so hard,
to gasp some air of life
A Vain struggle!
Breath, a cunning thief
that stole away one’s life

Useless was the passion of love,
Useless were the monarchies
Useless were the tears in pain
Useless was the piled wealth

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard, no more” (Shakespeare)

When Almighty from the Heaven, nodes
And she arrives at once!
Philosophers, physicians and the fortune-tellers
rub their hands and stab their heads

Not so wicked, and not so holy
His soul crept away slowly
In a moment he’s labeled “late”
while I heard a shuddering shout of:
“Allah is Great”
“Allah is Great”

Written By: Zunaira Afzal

Photo Credits: Hammad Asghar


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