Illusion of Fame


Published in: Us Magazine and Revolution Flame

Friday, December 07, 2012



I am well-known among the fellows,

So am I quite famous now?

I can make the words look complex,

But can I make the complexities look simple?

I can imagine the impossibilities,

But can I create a world of my own?

I can charm the people around,

Incredible beauty is what they found

in words, in rhymes, and in every verse

I look at the papers, scattered around

and then, step slowly down –

Deep into the alley of my heart,

Where lies a solemn diary

Of my old rusted words

Where echoes of laughter can be heard

But no one laughs

Where the dead illusions are buried

But no one digs so hard

To see,

Where the intimacies ended once?

Where there now silence prevails

Where the shadows of past reign

Where there is no life at all

Where I am not so well-known.

Written By: Zunaira Afzal

Painting by: Roop Kaur


12 thoughts on “Illusion of Fame

  1. and in your silence the soul hears ,
    what you speak and what you fear,
    for it knows where you stand,
    what matters most to your heart …
    why you stay in solitude,
    for the soul is the only one who knows you!

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