How Alike Are We

Published in: Us Magazine


How alike are we,

The old diary and me

Some smudged words

Some blots of tears

Some pictures, so dear

Some memories unclear

Some rhymes unsung

And symphonies of love

Some scratches of pains

And some winter rains

Within the pages

A dry rose is pressed

Just like that cold fellow

buried inside my ribs

So dry, and so cold

Besmeared in the dust of Time, we –

The old diary and me.

Written By:    Zunaira Afzal


7 thoughts on “How Alike Are We

  1. Already Read It Somewhere. ^_^

    & Like I Said Before, If you don’t Mind, Here’s a Rhyme.

    Besmeared In The Dust Of Rhymes, The Old Diary And Me, Stuck In Time.

    I Like You Poem, The Rhyme Is Not Consistent Or Even Present In Some Parts(I’m A Big Fan Of Rhymes.) But The concept Is Nice and Clear, I Like It.

    ~Keep Writing. 🙂

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