Peace and Pencils

Published in: US Magazine


blunt and sharpened

Graphite and charcoal-smelling,

hugging in the holder,

anxious to draw,

at the barren sheet of canvas.



resting in a frame

against the easel-stand

with its usual unquenched nature

kneel for a drop of paint.



lemon-yellow and scarlet-red

spread in the palette

smudge the white surface

to fascinate the brushes.



and squirrel-haired

I scratch ‘em with my nails,

or hold ‘em within my lips,

so confusedly.

The blunt pencils

The barren canvas

The desirous colours

want me to paint.

I wish some day,

at some calm moment

I could paint peace,

in the harsh world around…

Written By:  Zunaira Afzal


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