Let Us Leave a Mark Over the Blunt Stone of History

“To mourn a mischief that is past and gone;
Is the next way to draw new mischief on”

                                                               Othello, Shakespeare

At some crucial moment in your life, it must have come to your mind. Maybe, it used to bother you every now and then or maybe, your surroundings have been forcing you to think so. This is natural. Well, I presume so. Odds and circumstances, woes and sorrows, agony or grief, rejection or dejection must have reminded you of the bitter-sweet nature of life. Life gets weird sometimes; worse than anything else. True!

We get stuck at some point in life and come to know that how strange it possibly could be. It happens and the common thing we all do under such circumstances is “Mourning.” We mourn over bygone mischiefs as the angel of happiness passes by and we can’t even recognize it.

When we are under-pressure, we destroy our lives in many ways; We cry, we shout, we sigh and what do we get out of it? Anxiety, depression, inferiority complex, headaches and what not. With the exception of that, we not only close our eyes to reality but also don’t see the new beginnings and suffer over nonsense. In this case, we are all infected by a fatal disease called “life”.

“Life keeps changing” I heard this statement many times, read it in many articles and was even advised once. But I never believed it. Nothing was changed with me when I was depressed. “Night changes into day, Nothing can stay”, as Frost said. Weathers and climates keep changing. True! But life is neither the solar system nor a weather which will change by itself. Instead, the world runs with the commandment of Almighty and there is a great strategy behind it.

Change basically takes place when we want it to change our lives. It depends on the struggle you make to bring change. Life doesn’t change itself. We have to revolutionize it and we all need to regulate our lives by proper planning.

The devil of bad times cannot stay with you any longer if you wouldn’t allow him it to. No matter how worse the situations are, you have to come out of it someday so why not “today”?

Life is too short to spoil over past miseries. It’s going to end. So, why not do something than to waste our precious time over a loss? Why not to leave a mark over the blunt stone of history? Why to keep dreaming of things only? Why not to fulfill them by constant struggle and “live forever or die trying” rule?

I remember that Sean Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers quoted Bob Moawad, “You can’t make footprints in the sands of time if you’re sitting on your butt. And who wants to make butt-prints in the sands of time?” So, raise up from your trances and do something. 🙂

 Zunaira Afzal


4 thoughts on “Let Us Leave a Mark Over the Blunt Stone of History

  1. A round Of Applause for You Miss! hats Off!
    This is seriously an awe inspiring write up .Every one talks about change in Life but you have compiled up all the neccessary crux here.
    really read it with full attention.
    saved to my favs.
    ❤ =)

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