She – Us Magazine, The News International


They told her,

To seal her emotions

and zip her lips

They donโ€™t want to hear

those nonsensical cries

No, no,

not even a sigh


She dried up her eyes

and brightened her expressions

She made good jokes

and laughed at pretensions

But when the day is passed

and night overcast

Her pen silently rebels…

By ย  Zunaira Afzal


23 thoughts on “She – Us Magazine, The News International

  1. Hey, when i had first read this poem in the magazine, i was like wow! My student is good ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You’re awesome!! And this poem is amazing!!!

  2. OMG Zunaira Afzal was reading ur poem ” she ” in my Bussiness Tech Class… was Like ayee zunaira ne irshad kya hai wah wah!..=P

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