Winter Galore

Published In: Us Magazine


The north-wind appeals me


I can smell the coming winter

The window-sills are cold, again

Again, the cold-fence fascinates me.

The sprinkling dew at the charcoal-roads,

Smudges my car’s screen

The bare trees and dry leaves make me aware,

Of the emptiness reigning inside me

The bursting wind storm,

Rattles the window-pane

The flakes of white snow,

Against the mountain top

The dancing flame at the fire-place

Makes the ruddy cheeks smile.

The days,

Spent on lonely roads,


The evenings,

In the thick woods,

Strolling around

The nights,

In my warm chamber

Cracking nuts

 The ice-cream at some foggy spot

The chocolates at the corner shop

Over-coat and gloves,

Knitted by granny’s hands

The mufflers to hide the ear

Oh goodness, winter is here…

Written By: Zunaira Afzal


2 thoughts on “Winter Galore

  1. Zunaira you are such a talented poet! Every poem I read of yours amazes me 🙂 This one has so much wonderful detail about winter … love it!

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