The Funeral of Desires

Published in: Revolution Flame

Once in a day I came,
at the tomb-stone of my desires
empty handed..
epileptic headed..
The frozen emotions began to melt
Water soothes the blazing eyes

People call me,
I wear darkness
I mourn in black
My soul anxiously lurches
My mind works not
My head beats
My heart aches
No signs of light
not of a ray even
I stray in darkness
I struggle in vain
“I’m the one who has lost Everything”
and can you imagine
what “Everything” is?
Slowly and gradually
I’ve lost …
Not even anything was left
The crucial moments
came and passed
Life has gave me,
I got tangled
in days and nights
I pushed them forward
this way or that
but O’ behold,
I was lost somewhere,
in the ashes of past
But now, I’m here
Again at the tombstone
Of my desires
about to leave
but before departing
I burn some candles,
of hope at it…

Written By : Zunaira Afzal
Picture Courtesy : Focused Visions

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