Just A Sparkle

Published In: Revolution Flame

Life was a dungeon, so dark
Desolated. Desperate.
The flame of death
reigning around,
burnt the seductive soul
The soul-
Reduced into ashes
dull and gray
The blazes dimmed,
into the shadowy black
The corpse of that old fellow
fell into a deep well
The echoes of nothingness
filled the opacity
of that moonless night
I mourn over it many years,
Rayed it with my hopes
Watered it with my tears
And then,
A sparkle
A splash
A blaze
A flame in the chaos, Raised.
And a new existence of hope,
A new shower of life
lively springs out its head
From the unquenched soil.

Written by: Zunaira Afzal

Photo Credits: Hassan Raza


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