Misted Memories 2011


I put my car on the way leading to my institute. It is so fascinating to be out in the early winter mornings and I used to creep my car in the thick fog as a hobby. Lahore seems a white palace in the ending days of December and at the starting of January. Don’t assume that I’m a romantic December freak; you can call me fog-lover, anyways. The silver wisps of smoke would smudge your car’s screen and the charcoal roads are moister with the dew made it hard for pedestrians to walk at it. I used to lower down the sash to gasp some cold wisps in. The iron grills are freezing cold and can make anyone shudder. I turned on the highlights of the car to take another turn to my destiny as the days took another turn to step into the new year. So, another beautiful day rose its head from the new rising sun; the sun of 2012!

I bended at the driving seat to find the sun in the sky; it was so hard to find it due to the thick fog but I know it would be there besmeared in white, hiding its face under the slits of sky. “How many years it may have seen” I smiled at my own folly. Last year, at the new year eve we had a family dinner. It is just a blink away and I wonder, there was a whole year between. We couldn’t be together this year. Sigh. Ah, how precious the memories are! The pleasant and the harsh memories of past can bring smile on blank faces and can melt the cold eyes.Usually, my days used to begin with the ringing of phone or the door-bell or the crockery clattering by Parveen while preparing breakfast in the kitchen or with the voice of the decent anchor Sana Bucha, proclaiming “Headlines”. I don’t know why she says this in her “full volume” followed by a session of long-lasting news. This is the most common and the most irritating beginning of my days. Every morning got spoiled with 9 AM “News”(as my father is a news-freak) and every night got destroyed with till 9 PM “Views”(as he has to write an article for the morning-paper). Sigh!Talking of news, the biggest news of 2011 was Osama’s hunt in Abbotabad, Pakistan. So, the facebook’s walls to University’s bathroom walls bore the same news. Many days followed by the discussions regarding the issue. One night, I slept with a smashed state of mind and I dreamt (guess what) that Osama and Obama were brothers (now this was something that *haunted me*). From that day, I never put my ear or my eye on any news. Then the big man Steve Jobs died. I (at once) thought that it’s about some job’s opportunity or something like that (see the ignorance =p). Oh damn! he was the iphone guy. Now, TV channels to Magazines covered it for a week or two but the facebook, the great social network, dragged it for weeks.

The entertaining news were also quite pathetic. Aishwariya Rai, gave birth to twin baby girls and everyone has to watch them while no one was even worried about the children around dying with hunger. Then the absurd beat of “Dhinka Chinka” and “Chammak Challo” kept poisoning the senses (hearing and the sight). In Pakistan, the season of weddings approached (November-February is called “shadiyon ka season” in Pakistan). Well, Reema, the film actress got married to an American Millionaire Surgeon. Veena is trying hard to find a ‘Dulha’ through her show in India called ‘Swayamwer’ while Meera is also struggling to find one through “Kon Bany Ga Meera Patti”. Aisaam-ul-Haq, the great Tennis star has also gulped ‘Shadi ka Ladoo’. All we have to do is to intently watch their absurdity and waste the time over such nonsense. But people love it, I’m telling you! Sigh again.

The road begin to crowd a bit, so I have to concentrate on my driving. There were green coloured old banners announcing ‘PTI’s Jalsa’ at every 100 meter distance and yes, I’ve heard that the Jalsa went great. It is obvious that in which way it went ‘Great’ :P. Everyone has some new resolutions at the new-year eve but what would be the political leaders’ resolutions? (to make some more bucks out of the poor’s pocket). Seriously! By the way, Imran Khan has said ‘Hum Nau-Jawaanoon Ko Agay Lain Gay’ (and I think, he is assuming himself young till now!). The Jalsa was followed by the same old tidbits and pointing of fingers at others, some more sarcasm etc… etc…

I parked my car in the parking-lot and brought out my wheelchair’s frame to open it (my left leg doesn’t work). Smiling, I took a deep breath in the cold air while transferring myself to my wheelchair. A new day welcomed me open-armed and I wished that I could hug it. No matter how worse the surroundings are, I hope for the best. We all should! I looked around as one of my friend waved me and I waved back, excitedly. Creeping towards my friend, I pledged to hope for a better new-year, ’cause I belonged to a country whose emblem is to cope out strongly in the harsh situations. Let us all start new-year with a hope to see a better Pakistan. I wish you all a prosperous 2012.

Written by: Zunaira Afzal

Photography by: Hammad Asghar


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